1200 LB (500 KG) Clean Agent Storage Tank

Clean Agent Storage Tank


1200 lb (500 kg) LUKE 5112 Storage Tanks are offered by LUKE Alexander to make it easy for storage and transferring of large quantities of FK-5-1-12 agent from one place to another. The 500 kg Storage Tank is specially designed for maximum transfer of FK-5-1-12 with transfer valves located at the top of Tank. This storage tank is made of stainless steel and non-corrosive material.

A 20-foot shipping container can carry 40 nos. of the 500 kg Storage Tank which maximises ocean freight cost.

Water Capacity : 330 L
Medium : Non-toxic, non-flammable
Design Pressure (Int. Ext.) psi : Atmospheric Pressure
Design Temperature °C : Room Temperature
Operating Pressure (Int. Ext.) psi : Atmospheric Pressure
Operating Temperature °C : 50°C
Main Material : S30408
Corrosion Allowance : 0
Total Height : 1143 mm
Outside Diameter : 753 mm