2200 LBS (1000 KG) Clean Agent Storage Tank

Clean Agent Storage Tank


2200 lb (1000 kg) HFC-227ea Storage Tanks are offered by Luke Alexander to make it easy for storage and transfering of large quantities of HFC-227ea agent from one place to another. The 1000 kg Storage Tank is specially design for maximum transfer of HFC-227ea with transfer valves located at the bottom of Tank. Luke Alexander also offer supply of HFC-227ea in ISO Bulk Tank.

A 20 foot shipping container can carry 21 nos. of the 1000 kg Storage Tank which maximizes ocean freight cost.

Height(mm) : 2230 mm
External Diameter (mm) : 800 mm
Water Capacity (L) : 926L
Weight (kg) = 360kg
Design Temperature (°C) : 60 (140°F)
Operating Temperature Range (0C) : -40-60 °C
Design Pressure (Bar) : 16.5 (240 psi)