Luke 227 Clean Agent

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System


LUKE 227 is a trademark of LUKE’s HFC-227ea, Heptafluoropropane. LUKE 227 is an effective fire extinguishing agent that can be used on many types of fires ranging from sensitive electrical equipment to industrial applications using flammable liquids.

LUKE 227 fully complies with the standards of ASTM D6064 and NFPA 2001. LUKE 227 is a UL Listed and FM Approved.

    Chemical Name : Heptafluoropropane (CF3CHFCF3)
    General : Colorless, Odorless Liquefied Gas
    Molecular Weight : 170.03
    Boiling Point : -16.4°C/2.48°F
    Freezing Point : -131°C/-203.8°F
    Vapor Pressure @ 21°C/70°F : 58.8 psia
    Critical Temperature : 101.7°C/21.5°F
    Critical Pressure (psia) : 422.3 psia
    Vapor Density (AIR=1) : 6.04
    Water Reactive : No
    Specific Gravity (H2O=1) : 1.46
    Percent Volatile (by volume) : n/a
    Evaporation Rate (Butyl acetate=1) : n/a
    Viscosity @ 20°C/68°F : n/a
    Water Solubility (V/V @ 20°C/68°F) : 260mg/L
    Ozone Depletion Potential : 0
    Estimated Atmospheric Lifetime (years) : 31-42
    Zero ozone-depleting potential
    Low global warming potential
    Short atmospheric lifetime
    Leave no residue
    High performance quality
    Can extinguish fire in less than 10 secs