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The Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing System can be activated by means of electrical, manual or pneumatic operation. The system is also equipped with pressure relief disc and pressure gauge to the valve in order to determine if the pressure is at the operable pressure, over pressurized or under pressurized. The valves are also available with multiple accessories, such as Pressure Supervisory Switch (to monitor the pressure inside the cylinder), Electric Solenoid (to enable the agent discharge electrically), Piston Actuator (to enable manifold cylinders assembly), and much more.

    Valves Assembly
    Electric Proof Solenoid
    Latching Solenoid and Local Manual Control
    Pressure Operated Switch
    Electric Explosion Proof
    Pressure Supervisory Switch
    Pressure Gauge and Pressure Supervisory Switch Guard
    Pneumatic Actuator
    Liquid Level Indicator
    Flexible Hoses
    Shuttle and Check Valves
    Discharge Nozzle
    6 Inch Selector Valve with Pneumatic Actuator
    Selector Valve with Pneumatic Actuator
    High-quality performance
    Fast response
    Perfectly designed for Fire Protection Systems
    UL Listed