Our Approvals
Standards for Safety and Sustainability
We manufacture a full array of UL-listed and FM-approved Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems and Components. Our approvals demonstrate our companies' commitment to customer safety as well as the high quality of our products.
LukeSmart Mobile Application
Safety and Security at the tip of your Finger
Luke Alexander recognizes that the Fire Suppression System industry has to evolve to keep up with the rapidly changing world in which our lives have been dramatically transformed. Our LukeSmart gives Real-Time Warning of Abnormalities and/or Changes in Temperature and Pressure in Our Fire Suppression System, as well as profiling this information to detect leakages, significant weight loss of the Fire Suppression Clean Agent, Actual or False System Discharge, and other information.
Smart Solution
Accessible monitoring of your fire suppression systems and mobile tracking
Get notified instantly
Faulty system? Receive push notifications for any problems or alerts
Extinguishing Medium
Fire Suppression Agents

Luke Alexander provides one of the most diverse and extensive clean agents for a variety of applications that is appropriate for protecting high-value assets in commonly occupied locations.

An odourless, colourless liquefied compressed gas. It is stored as a liquid and dispensed into the hazard as electrically non-conductive vapor that is clear and  does not obscure physical vision.

It is environmentally friendly and works best in fire threat zones with A, B, and C fire ratings. It has received approval from the US EPA and ISO for its safety and fire extinguishing performance.

Forms a distinct flame-retardant layer on the burning surface of the affected assets, allowing complete cooling and sealing
them against recurrent combustion or ignition.

Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel
Fire Suppression System

Our stainless-steel cylinders are dependable goods of choice for this dual role of performance and aesthetics due to their ease of maintenance and elegant appearance. Its manufacture necessitates the use of natural resources and energy.

Engineered System

Known as total flooding systems, work by flooding an enclosure with a clean agent gas to extinguish fires. These systems are indicated for usage in larger spaces that encompass numerous rooms for fire threats.

Pre-engineered System

Designed for applications where the fire hazards are generally consistent and the fire risks are foreseeable. Pre-engineered systems are most commonly seen in smaller commercial and industrial applications.

Detection Tubing

Available in both direct and indirect release systems. The tube serves as a fire and heat detector once the fire is detected, it automatically busts a hole and discharges the fire suppressant to the area to suppress the fire quickly.

Complete Protection
Full Package for Fire Safety
Portable Extinguisher
Stainless Steel Portable Extinguishers are intended as a first line of defense to cope with fires of bearable size. It is a waterless fire protection equipment that suppresses fire immediately.

Machine Equipments
Luke Alexander provides a complete package of filling machines for HFC-227ea and FK-5-1-12, including a weighing scale and the option to purchase a package of accessories ranging from filling adapters to leak detectors.

Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Intended for use as part of automatic fire extinguishing installations and as a stand-alone fire extinguishing equipment. They are designed for fire extinguishing using clean agents to combat fires of A, B, and C classes.

Nitrogen Pilot Cylinder
Our pilot cylinder is equipped with an electric solenoid which is linked to the control panel. This is designed to release the pressure from the outlet of the cylinder, allowing nitrogen to release and open the selector valve.

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